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Vinyl Print Designs
Bring Your Vision To Life

Vinyl is a great and economical way to customize several items that may require multiple colors and complex artwork. Adhesive vinyl is best for surfaces like glass, metal, painted wood, paper, plastic and notebook covers. Iron on vinyl is primarily used on fabrics including cotton, poly/cotton blend, and polyester and other hard surfaces that are more porous.

We can cut and/or print your custom design out of sheets of colored vinyl, printable vinyl, specialty rolls of glitter or metallic foil.


Below is a list of items that we commonly ask our clients to have available to complete custom vinyl print designs:

  • Do you have a preferred color pallet? 

  • What color garment/item will the design go on?

  • Where is the placement of your design to be printed? Additional placement /artwork? 

    • FRONT

    • BACK





  • Are there any designs you would like to mimic? Where can I see an example of it?

  • What will the design be printed on? (T-shirt? Hoodie? Mask? Backpack? Drink ware?)

  • What is the size range of the that the design will go on?

  • How many will you need?



  • Images to be used must be in the following file format:

    • SVG, PDF, PNG, JPG

  • Resolution:

    • Must Be Clear  (not blurry, grainy, or fuzzy) 

  • Colors:

    • For Vinyl: 4 or fewer colors preferred


We will send you an example of what the final artwork will look like for you to approve.

Once you approve and pay, we will begin converting your design to a vinyl print. 

“Perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people

—the beauty within themselves.” - Langston Hughes

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